Public Works

The Public Works Department is comprised of the following service divisions:

Gas, Water, Streets, Drainage, Grounds, Beautification, Recycling, Vehicle Maintenance, Facility Maintenance, Pest Control, Waste Collection, Cemetery upkeep/ management, and Parks and Recreation

NOTICE – April 11, 2019:

Phase one of the City wide water infrastructure rehab project is well underway with the completion of South Columbia and highway 11 south portions being completed by the end of this week.

Flyers were passed out to all residents in the Ponderosa community this week advising them the water project in their area will begin this month. The contractor will begin work on Jackson Landing road  the week of April 15th and will be moving into Ponderosa following the completion of Jackson Landing road.

We appreciate the patience of the residents during this project.

All questions should be referred to the Public Works department at 601-799-0602, 601-798-0031, or “311”.

Gas and Water Department

The City of Picayune owns and operates its water and gas systems. Four water wells and water towers serve 4,974 households and businesses from the Pascagoula aquifer. The approximate 80 miles of Natural gas piping serves 1,784 households and businesses. The installation of Automatic Meter Reading or “AMR” on our water and gas system has achieved a higher level of accuracy and efficiency in our meter reading process.

Boil Water Notices are Posted on the City of Picayune FaceBook page, and Flyers are handed out to each home by use of a doorknob hanger.

View Sample Notices

2017 Drinking Water Quality Report
2016 Drinking Water Quality Report

Streets and Drainage Department

Conducts all maintenance and repair of roadways, drainage systems, traffic signage, and sidewalks within the city ROW. Modification and construction of drainage systems are performed as well, with the assistance of the cities engineering department. Yard debris collection is now contracted out to COASTAL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES. The City offers curbside collection of scrap metal of any kind, white goods [refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, etc.], as well as tires, or these items can be delivered to the Public Works Facility @ 101 Witthauer Lane.

Grounds and Beautification

Provides lawn maintenance services to all city-owned green spaces, such as medians, parks, and all City-owned cemeteries, [Palestine, 8th St. and Thigpen] and ROW. Pest control is provided seasonally. Daily vehicular spraying, manual spraying of drainage systems and educating the public is conducted to protect our citizens from the threat of West Nile & Zika Viruses.

Please call “311”, 601-798-0031, or 601-799-0602 for matters relating to these services.

Garbage Collection

Coastal Environmental is the Solid Waste Collection Contractor for the City of Picayune
Household Garbage Collection Schedule:

  • The East side of the City is collected on Monday and Thursday
  • The West side of the City is collected on Tuesday and Friday

Rubbish / Yard Debris

  • Yard Trimmings / Leaves / Yard clippings MUST be bagged.
  • Tree Trimmings – maximum of 12″ diameter trunks – 6′ long
  • Pine Stra [Does not need to be bagged]
  • Furniture Items [includes bed mattresses].
  • Carpet [must be cut in strips, rolled & tapped]

For pick-up days see GREEN WASTE & BRUSH COLLECTION map.



Please call “311”, 601-798-0031, or 601-799-0602 for matters relating to these services.

Recycle (curbside)

Recycle Collection Schedule:

All RECYCLE is collected on Wednesday throughout the City.

For items that can not be recycled, please view the following flyer.

What You CAN and Can’t Recycle

Please call “311”, 601-798-0031, or 601-799-0602 for matters relating to these services.