An Update from Your City Manger

Posted on June 25, 2015

[From: Picayune Item June 23, 2015]

On June 8, 2015, we celebrated another historical occasion in our City’s history with the dedication of Crosby
Commons. I would like to extend my gratitude to Mayor Ed Pinero, City Council Members, Mississippi
Department of Transportation Commissioner Tom King, and Sid Whitley, Clyde Dease, and the Lower Pearl
River Valley Foundation for their continued support and vision for Crosby Commons. On behalf of the Mayor
and Council, I would like to thank the Southern Regional Corporation for their generosity in allowing the City
to purchase this property. The City will be working hard over the next few months breaking ground on a
beautifully, landscaped greenspace with a walking track and an amphitheater stage. Crosby Commons will also
have decorative lights, benches, and history markers placed along the walking track telling the story of
Picayune’s past.
I’m happy to report that the sales tax in the City has been consistently trending upwards over the past year. This
fiscal year each monthly sales tax diversion has exceeded the same time of last fiscal year.
The Public Works department will continue another tree planting project with the help of the Mississippi
Department of Transportation Summer Youth Grant. Last year was the first year the summer youth grant
offered funding for landscaping and trees. The trees chosen to plant last year were live oak trees. This year we
are planting crepe myrtles in major thoroughfares of the City, which are already heavily populated with them.
Over time the crepe myrtles appear sporadically spaced due to traffic damage and dying trees which had been
removed. The 46 crepe myrtle trees with mulch, will be planted on Highway 43 North, Goodyear Boulevard,
and Main Street.
Grant funds and donations continue to upgrade our historic downtown district on West Canal Street. The
underground infrastructure is going in now for the West Canal lighting project. When this work is complete
there will be two additional ornate lights near the Quince intersection. The work is scheduled to be complete by
the end of this June. With the installation of the underground wiring this will allow the additional nine lights to
be installed (as funds permit) down West Canal to Norwood Street.
Another historical accomplishment will be the official opening of the Pearl River County Historical Society’s
first public home located on the third floor of City Hall. The opening of the museum will be held Thursday,
June 25, 2015 from 9:00am to 11:00am. This will be the first time the Pearl River County Historical Society
and the City of Picayune have partnered with preserving our unique heritage. Come look at some of the exciting
artifacts from Picayune’s history such as: the silverware used by Leonard Kimball when he lived in the
Hermitage in the 1800’s, the 1922 newspaper article featuring the first football game played on the Crosby
Common’s site, and the original program from the Crosby Memorial Hospital Opening Dedication Ceremony.

By Jim Luke