City Clerk / Financial

The City Clerk’s Office oversees the Departments of Accounting, Accounts Payable, Sale of Cemetery Plots, Information Technology, Payroll, Records, Privilege Licenses, Taxes, Utility Billing, and Voter Registration.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am till 5:00 pm

Voter Registration

The City no longer maintains a separate voter roll for Municipal Elections.  You may register to vote at the County Circuit Clerk’s Office located at 917 Goodyear Blvd., Picayune, MS or 200 South Main  St., Poplarville, MS.  All voter registration information is obtained from the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

Privilege Tax License/Garage Sale Permits

All businesses are required to obtain a license to engage in business in the City of Picayune.    Garage sale permits are issued to residential addresses only.  Residents are allowed 1 free permit every three months.  The 2nd permit issued within the same 3 months is $25.  Each permit issued in the same 3 month period increase by $25.  (Example: 2nd – $25, 3rd – $50, 4th – $75, etc.)

Privilege License Application

Property Tax Information

City property taxes are assessed and collected by the Pearl River County Tax Collector’s/Assessor’s Office.  Questions regarding the payment of City taxes should be addressed to the PRC Tax Collector’s Office at 601-403-2300.    


City records can be obtained by filing a public records request with the City Clerk’s Office by printing the application or by completing the online form.

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I have read and understand the published statements entitled Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983. I further understand that the actual cost of compliance with my request, if granted, shall be born by me, including mailing cost or other fees, if applicable. I also understand that:

*Any request shall be clear and concise and shall be directed toward only one subject matter.
**Actual costs of compliance with my request, if granted, shall be paid by me in advance of the receipt of any information.
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Office of the City Clerk
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