Parks & Facilities

Come visit our beautiful city parks.

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Crosby Commons Crosby Commons

Enjoy one of Picayune’s largest parks:

  • 1, 024 square foot outdoor stage/theater
  • 2 public restrooms
  • 2 private restrooms
  • 2 changing rooms (for performers)
  • Sound system – 1 microphone, 2 speakers on stage, and 26 speakers surrounding the park
  • 5 acres of fenced-in greenspace available for events

Picayune citizens can enjoy the 1/3 mile walking track, and 16 benches around the green space. Music is played from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Citizens can purchase a key fob for the restroom for $25 at the City Hall utility department.

The key fob is available for purchase at the City Hall Utility Department. This key fob will allow you access to the restrooms for security.

DSC_0360Friendship Park – 1701 South Haugh

Enjoy Picayune’s favorite Sports Complex equipped with tennis courts, baseball fields, and a playground. The Kids Kingdom Playground and Splash Pad are open!

DSC_0344Jack Read Park – 200 Goodyear Blvd

Enjoy the serene atmosphere and cool shade of oak trees in Jack Read Park.

Mildred Mitchell Park – 1901 Daniels Rd                                                 


Snyder Park – 110 South Beech

Ben Taylor – 200 Palestine Road                                                               

J.P. Johnson Park –  403 Rosa Street